Late Easter Post

It will not surprise my blog readers that my Easter post is late this year. I have found that I spend more and more time on Face Book when I have free time to be on the computer. I have also renewed my love for reading after graduate school at Union University (Some of the books I am reading are here, here, and here.)

I did want to recount and link to several other posts that have caught my eye during the Easter Season. They are separated below under two topics.

Did the resurrection occur?

Debunking 3 Common Myths about the Resurrection

Podcast: Glenn Peoples on the Minimal Facts Approach to the Resurrection

Communicating the Claims of Easter

Teaching Kids About the Reality and Historicity of the Resurrection

Did the Apostles Hallucinate When They Saw the Risen Christ?

Five Strand of Evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection

Top Ten Myths of the Resurrection

What does the resurrection mean to me?

R. C. Sproul on the Meaning of the Cross

Easter for Atheists and Skeptics

Two Important Words This Good Friday: Expiation and Propitiation

Resources for Passion Week

Jesus’ Last Words

How the Resurrection Undoes Our Need to Be Proven Right

Ten Results of the Resurrection

I hope you enjoy these links.

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