Do Christians Divorce More Often than Non-Christians?

How many times have you heard that the divorce rate among Christians is higher than the divorce rates among the general population?  Research revealed at this link says that this is wrong.  Conservative religious practice yields lower divorce rates.

[Thanks to Trevin Wax for the link.]

[3/22/11 - More on the issue from Gene Edward Veith at this link.]


Hitler Never Existed?

A wonderful, tongue-in-check piece about revisionist history is at this link.  I cannot help but think about those people who say Jesus Christ never existed as I read this.

Rob Bell and Hell

I agree with Justin Taylor that Rob Bell now seems to have outwardly embraced universalism. He seems to be teaching that all people ultimately go to heaven. Taylor provides Bell’s video at this link, and Bell’s own words condemn him.  (If this turns out to be some kind of publicity stunt, then woe to Bell for taking liberties with his message.)

I have written about Bell’s dangerous theological leanings before (see the links here and here), but this new teaching takes him far outside orthodox Christianity. Jesus is the figure from the Bible who says the most about hell. He describes it as eternal (Mt. 25:41, 46; Mk. 9:43, 48) and as a place of torment (Mt. 25:30). To venture outside these teachings is to find oneself arrayed against the Lord of Glory Himself. (I recommend an audio presentation by R. C. Sproul on hell at this link.)

I do not relish the idea of anyone going to hell, and I find it encouraging that God does not either (Ezek. 33:11, Mt. 23:37-38). Yet God’s justice requires eternal punishment when it is affronted. Perfect righteousness requires perfect punishment to those that offend it. Perfect innocence requires infinite punishment when injured. Absolute authority demands overwhelming retribution when rebelled against.

Kevin DeYoung gives eight reasons why we need a doctrine of hell on his blog at this link. They are excerpted from his excellent book Why We Are Not Emergent.

The most compelling reason DeYoung gives is that “we need God’s wrath in order to understand what [God’s] mercy means.”

Divine mercy without divine wrath is meaningless. Only when we know that we were objects of wrath(Ep. 2:3), stood condemned already (John 3:18), and would have faced hell as God’s enemies were it not for undeserved mercy (Rom. 5:10), can we sing from the heart “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me!”
May we all throw ourselves on the mercy of God in order to escape the coming wrath.

May Rob Bell take the chance to repent.

[3/2/11: Please see more thoughts from Kevin DeYoung at this link.]

[3/9/11: Tim Challies reviews the entire book at this link.  I have more questions than answers.]

[3/15: Follow this link for a parody of the Rob Bell video that makes a great point.]

[3/16/11: Dr. Jeremy Evans of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary discusses differing views concerning the nature of hell held by Christians and how a good and loving God could send people there at this link.]

[3/22/11: See Mike Horton's review at this link.]


The Bible’s Big Picture

Ligonier Ministries blog shares a helpful list from R. C. Sproul. R. C. has listed various books of the Bible to read in order to get the overall story of Scripture at this link. It is a helpful list for ‘big picture’ people.

How about it all you Myers-Briggs intuitives? Let’s read some Scripture together.


I Need a Real Chaplain Who Believes in a Real Hell

Trevin Wax posts a great scene from the TV show ER.  Every liberal Christian theologian should watch the video at this link.

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