What Should We Fear

From Moore to The Point:

The United States House of Representatives just passed a health care reform bill that I and lots of other Christians opposed. Such legislation should concern us. There are some bad consequences for the weakest and most vulnerable among us, principally unborn children. But should it also concern us that so many of us are talking today about how afraid we are?...

This article is an excellent reminder for those of us concerned about Heath Care Reform.


Health Care Bill

The moral implications of the new health care bill are staggering. The prospect of using taxpayer dollars to fund abortions is repugnant. Even more so are the reasons being given to fund abortion.

I thought you might like to read this article titled “This is Life We’re Talking About” — Abortion and the Health Care Bill" from AlbertMohler.com.

I agree with Dr. Mohler, and I hope you will to. I oppose taxpayer funding of abortions, either directly or indirectly. As an adoptive parent, this issue is of paramount importance to me.


Bauckham is On Line

Richard Bauckham, the author of the landmark book Jesus and the Eyewitnesses, now has his own website. Bauckham is an expert on Jesus and the Gospels. He argues forcefully that the Four Gospels were written by eyewitnesses to the life of Christ.

The website features information about Bauckham and some examples of his work. The best section may be his unpublished lectures.

[Thanks to In Light of the Gospel for the link.]


Russell D. Moore’s Advice

From Moore’s post titled “How Much Do I Need to Know About My Potential Spouse’s Sexual Past? My Response:”

On the one hand, a man who glibly dismisses his past immorality is dangerous, for your future marriage and your future children.

On the other hand, your dismissing him automatically on the basis of immorality is also dangerous. If he is repentant, seeing his past sin as hell-deserving but crucified, then you should receive him (all else being equal), just as you have been received.

You are not “owed” a virgin because you are. Your sexual purity wasn’t part of a quid pro quo in which God would guarantee you a sexually unbroken man. Your sexual purity is your obligation as a creature of God. And you have rebelled at other points, and been forgiven. If you believe the gospel, you believe the gospel for everyone, and not just for yourself.

If your future husband is repentant, and forgiven, and yet you are “tortured” by the thoughts of his past, then the issue for you is one of personal pride and a refusal to see oneself as a gospel-forgiven sinner.

The issue for you with your future husband is discerning whether there are ongoing patterns, whether he agrees with God about the severity of this sin, and whether he has been cleansed from it by Golgotha Hill blood and Garden Tomb power.

Jesus was a virgin. His Bride wasn’t. He loved us anyway.


Intelligent Design and Philosophy

R. C. Sproul interviews Steven Myer starting here.

This is a great discussion by two great Christian voices.

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