Infant Baptism – Now’s your chance to convince me

I am reading through Mathew Henry’s Treatise on Baptism. It’s a copy I have from a Presbyterian minister friend.

I would like to hear your opinion on Henry’s Treastise and on the matter in general. I would like to have some debate.

My paedobaptist friends should ‘smell blood in the water’ on this one. Now’s your chance. I’m coming around to the position, but still struggle a bit.

Lutherans, now’s your chance to convince me. There is a Missouri-synod Lutheran Church here in town.



After an extended period of soul searching, I have decided to change religious denominations.
I have long self-identified as a “five-point Calvinist.” But I found myself avoiding the term in my Southern-Baptist home church because it was so often misunderstood. Recent conflicts in the SBC over Calvinism have left me even more disillusioned (see here and here).

I am simply tired of feeling like I must hide my beliefs in this area “under a bushel.” I am going to become a Presbyterian.

I have become convinced over recent weeks that I can affirm the beliefs held by The Presbyterian Church in America as expressed here and here. I have not decided for certain, but I can see joining that church in the near future.

This will begin an adventure, a whole-new phase of my Christian experience. I hope that you will hold me in your prayers.

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