Eleven Reasons Why Christianity is The Only True Religion

It may be a few days before my next big post. I’m working on a series of posts that will outline why I am a Christian. This is my response to discussions on several other blogs that have accused me of not communicating a full-on worldview for discussion. The basic outline is given below.

1. God is who He is.
2. God has done what He has done.
3. It explains logic and rational thought.
4. It makes science possible.
5. Jesus is the best example.
6. It explains the presence of evil.
7. It answers the problem of evil.
8. It gives a certain promise of heaven.
9. It changes the world for the better.
10. It leads to joy.
11. It has changed my life.

I reserve the right to make minor changes to the outline, combine certain points, and expand others.

I welcome your comments on the outline and your suggestions for improvement throughout.


R.T. Jones said...

Would you mind linking to those blogs? That sounds like a very interesting discussion and would be helpful background for the upcoming posts.

J. K. Jones said...

Here’s the two most interesting:



I'll put links in the upcoming posts when appropriate discussion is referenced.

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