John and History

I have been re-reading the Gospel of John lately. I like it because of the author’s obvious delight in the Person of Christ.

I find an article by Craig Blomberg over at the NAMB Apologetics site to be interesting. Here’s a sample:

“… a considerable number of scholars during the last half-century have pioneered what came to be known as the "new look on John," recognizing a far greater level of historical reliability and a Jewish milieu for the deeds and teachings attributed to Jesus than the first half of the twentieth century had acknowledged. Arguably, if the next half-century gave the same kind of sustained study to the remaining questionable details, the amount of general confidence in the fourth Gospel would again grow in corresponding fashion.” – Craig Blomberg

John, the author of the gospel attributed to him, was the apostle who was a personal friend of Jesus. He gives many accurate details of first century Palestine, including arrangement of buildings and geography, that have been verified by archaeological research. His authorship was attested to by church fathers in the mid-second century, and these were people who had been trained by John himself.

I find more and more reason to believe the exalted picture of Christ as the Divine Son of God given by John.

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