Classic Works of Apologetics

ACFAR, mentioned in the last post, also gives a link to a great apologetics resource on the web called Classic Works of Apologetics here. I will link to this site often in the future.

Some great books found through the links on this site:

Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis, the classic book on the moral argument for God’s existence

Biblical Inerrancy by John H. Gerstner, a straightforward case (could Gerstner give anything else but a straightforward case) for a Bible without error

"Greenleaf’s Harmony of the Gospel Accounts" based on work by Simeon Greenleaf, a great authority on legal evidences

The Bible and Modern Scholarship by Sir Fredrick Kenyon, a noted work by a famous archeologist

The site also includes topical links to:

Christians against slavery (wish I’d have been able to link to this a long time ago)

David Hume

Thomas Paine

Classic Works of Apologetics is well worth a surf. It shows that Christians have had good answers to skeptical questions for a long time.

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