Personal Request

Please pray for my niece, Lilah. She is two months old, and she has some very serious heart defects. Updates can be found here.

Also, there are several other issues facing my family right now: my father-in-law’s leukemia and hospitalization, and several other stressors are making life difficult।
Something(s) we are doing are ticking Satan off, and God must really think a lot of us or we wouldn’t have all of this (1 Cor. 10:13).


L P Cruz said...


Today is Sunday.

It will be my joy to pray for these needs.

It is done deal so Jesus gave us his word - he will never leave us nor forsake us.

I ask all of our friends here to pray for your situation too.

On Wed night at our Bible study, my group will be praying for you there as well.

Can you keep us posted?

Your bro,


J. K. Jones said...

Thanks, LP.

You bet I'll keep you posted.


J. K. Jones said...


My Nice has gone home from the hospital, but she is still in bad shape.

My father-in-law has been moved to a rehab facility in Knoxville, and is expected to come home in two weeks.

Your prayers are still important.

J. K. Jones said...

Great news about my nice:


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