Iraqi Christians

Stand to Reason gives a link to a World Magazine article on the persecution of Christians in Iraq. Here’s an excerpt:

As a result, over 2 million Iraqis—about 25 percent of them identified as Christians—have fled to neighboring countries, mostly Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt. (View the map.) Judging from extensive conversations with Iraqis living in Jordan and Syria, few want to go home. While at least 40,000 Iraqis have been killed in fighting, random violence, and terrorism since the U.S. invasion in 2003, these refugees are the Iraq War's living casualties—psychologically damaged from the prolonged terrorism, afraid of the next text message or the letter on the doormat, and helpless before a fearful future.

The most appalling thing that I hear about the Iraq war is the notion that Christians were better off under Saddam Hussein than under the current government. It breaks my heart that my friends are going to Iraq to get shot at so that we can let the new government we helped set up condone or at least ignore the persecution of Christians.

It’s like we are following Star Trek’s prime directive. Didn't we see Captian Kirk and company debunk that enough times?

Why do we not require the guarantee of religious freedom for all citizens of all religious belief (or non-belief) by the Iraq government? Why do we allow our soldiers to die for something less than the freedoms we enjoy?

Chuck Colson comments here. Another article can be found here.

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