Go Steelers

I was delighted to see the Steelers win the Superbowl last night. The last few minutes of the game were so exciting this year that it truly was super.

The first football game I can remember seeing was when the Steelers won their first Superbowl against the Vikings. I have been a Steelers fan ever since. I can still see the faces of Bradshaw, Harris, Greene, Holmes, White, Greenwood, and others. Now I have a whole new set of faces.
Steelers Superbowl victories are summarized here.

As to Kurt Warner’s Christian witness, I would like to quote In Light of The Gospel: “Before the game, Warner won the Walter Payton Man of the Year award, which honors a player’s volunteer and charity work. That kind of work will last much longer than the Super Bowl victories and records.”

There is more than one way to win!

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steve martin said...


I too was a Steelers fan way back when.

I like college football better now. Although that was a great game and I won a pool. The first time I ever won one.

You are right, however, there is more to life than football and the things many of these guys do off the field will last forever (for God's Kingdom)

Thanks J.K.!

- Steve Martin

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