The Gospel, The Spiritual Gift of Hospitality, and Crime

Today’s BreakPoint commentary by Prison Fellowship Mark Early tells a story that speaks clearly to the best answer to our crime problem. Here’s the conclusion:

And as we go about doing what God commanded—visiting those in prison and sharing the good news—it won’t just make a difference in private attitudes, but in public safety. So that the next time [criminals and victims] meet, it can be across the pew instead of across the barrel of a pistol.

BreakPoint links to related news stories here and here.

It sounds trite, but we must share the gospel, or they may kill us.


Anonymous said...

"...we must share the gospel, or they may kill us."

Well, that's one reason.

I highlight that one in my recent discussion of Islam, along with the fact that with Islam we can also lose our souls.

J. K. Jones said...

You have a good post over there.

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