Fear and Trembling at a Glance

With 328 posts, my blog has become a bit unwieldy. I have considered deleting a number of posts from this blog to make it more succinct, but that doesn’t seem to fit the spirit of blogging. At the risk of being perceived as a monument to my own ego, this post is a set of links to the various posts others might find useful.


My favorite philosophical arguments for God’s existence are summarized here, here and here.

A series that features both philosophical arguments and personal anecdote is here. The are many reasons to accept Christianity which are personal and not philosophical.

Richard Dawkins’ arguments are treated here, here and here.

Christopher Hitchens’ argument from wish fulfillment is treated here.

Some of Victor Stenger’s arguments are treated here and here.

My personal testimony is told here and here.

The problem with sharing my testimony is brought up here.

The problem of evil is treated here, here and here.

The veracity of the Bible is partly addressed here.


Christ’s sacrifice and salvation are treated in many places, but the posts here, here and here are a start.

Good works are a necessary outcome of salvation, and this topic is treated here.

Rob Bell and parts of Velvet Elvis are addressed here and here.

Free will and Calvinism are addressed here and here.

N. T. Wright’s doctrine of salvation is discussed at length here.

These are the best efforts of an amateur theologian and apologist, and they are offered in Christ’s name.

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