Health Care Bill

The moral implications of the new health care bill are staggering. The prospect of using taxpayer dollars to fund abortions is repugnant. Even more so are the reasons being given to fund abortion.

I thought you might like to read this article titled “This is Life We’re Talking About” — Abortion and the Health Care Bill" from AlbertMohler.com.

I agree with Dr. Mohler, and I hope you will to. I oppose taxpayer funding of abortions, either directly or indirectly. As an adoptive parent, this issue is of paramount importance to me.


Steve Martin said...

And...it's 'un-American' to boot.

The totalitarian instincts of the left cannot be restrained.

They just know better.

Ask them. They'll tell you as much. That's why they want to pass this immoral and unconstitutional takeover of almost 1/6th of the economy...WITHOUT EVEN VOTING ON IT!!!

Anybody who votes for the Democrats is getting what they deserve.

God help us.

J. K. Jones said...

I just wish the political posturing would end.

Everybody wants to provide health care to all. The question is how do we provide it.

No one wants socialism. The question is how do we define socialism.

The abortion issue is a moral issue. It goes beyond wheter abortion is right or wrong. It goes into wheter it is fair for someone to have to pay taxes toward something they have moral objections to.

Steve Martin said...

Political posturing will never end.

And leftists (that is what the Democratic Party leadership has become) will never cease their 'do-gooding', at the expense of everyone's freedom.

Everyone has health care in this country right now. Everyone.

The question is insurance and who should pay for it.

The great (not perfect) system will be gutted for a over bloated Fed. mess, ripe with waste and fraud.

The only part of healthcare that the Fed. now runs is Medicare...and it is going broke.

You are right, no American citizen should ever be forced to support abortion with thei tax dollars.

Thanks to Obama, every American already is when Obama reinstated what George Bush put a stop to many years ago (U.S. tax dollars to fund abortions abroad).

"Change". We'll we got it...and we're going to get a whole lot more.

God help us.

FatSam said...

I know exactly what you mean! I don't like my tax money going to the socialization of roads, clean water, agriculture, fire departments, the military and the Food and Drug Administration.

I'm also morally opposed to all of those things.

J. K. Jones said...


How can you be morally opposed to those things?


Anonymous said...

I'm morally opposed to health insurance profiteers deciding who lives and who dies among their clients.

Steve Martin said...

And you want an inefficient, wasteful, fraught with fraud government to have that power???

Fat Sam said...

"Morally opposed" It's called sarcasm. Anyone who throws around words like socialism needs to have their face rubbed in the everyday things that they benefit from and take for granted. Things for which you will always find someone objecting. I care not one whit about the things someone is morally opposed.

Bodies will be piling up in the streets just like they do in Canada, Brittan, Hawaii, and Massachusetts.

If you fear the the inefficient, wasteful, fraught with fraud government provided health care too scary you are always free to keep your private health insurance.

Since private health insurance will always be of better quality and service and would never deny any coverage, it will be far superior to the wasteful, fraudulent, inefficient health coverage from the government.

J. K. Jones said...

Fat Sam,

You don't read my comments very carefully. I don't think all forms of health care reform are socialistic. I am the one calling for an end to the political retoric.

The abortion issue is the one that has me hung up.

FatSam said...

Yes I read your comment carefully. You don't think the taxes you pay should go to fund a medical operation because you find that procedure repugnant.

Tough. You shouldn't be able to enforce your religious beliefs upon everyone else by proxy.

If your reasons for opposing abortion are non-religious lay them out.

J. K. Jones said...


Why do my reasons have to be non-religious to be valid?


J. K. Jones said...


Since you never responded to my question, I wanted to provide a longer response.

All moral objections are essentially religious. What is the non-religious foundation for ethics? I am not asking here for whether a non-religious person can be ethical, I am asking for the rational basis for ethics.

There is not one. As soon as you move inot ethics, you move inot religion.


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