Luther On Good Works

Was the champion of salvation by faith alone interested in good works? Yes. Would he require evidence of a holy life for assurance of salvation like the other reformers. Yes.

Here is my evidence:

“Those who obey the Sinful Nature and continue to gratify its desires should know that they don’t belong to Christ. Even though people may label themselves with the name “Christian,” they are only deceiving themselves.” Martin Luther, Faith Alone, August 18.

“[Those who have a false freedom] are scoundrels and don’t want to leave their lives of sin and idolatry or give anything to anyone. They want to live lives of sexual immorality and self-gratification as they did before coming to Christ. Yet they still want to be considered Christians. There are false disciples who only want freedom for their physical desires. “ – Martin Luther, Faith Alone, October 11

“Your faith, of course, should be the kind of faith that produces good works.” – Martin Luther, Faith Alone, October 28

Faith without works is dead. 


Steve Martin said...

Sure, there will be "good works" that FOLLOW a Christian's faith.

But, no one will be able to judge them.

Since there will also be lots of "good works" going on (in Jesus' name, nonetheless)by people that the Lord does not even know.

Faith inspires good works. The law demands them.

That is something that we must never forget.

Anonymous said...

An excellent analogy of faith and works is the tree, even though it does not address the issue of false works coming from a unregenerate heart.

A living tree will always produce leaves. Always. If you pull them off and hide them, it will simply produce more.

A dead tree will never produce leaves. Ever.

If a tree is alive, it will have leaves. If you strip its leaves off, it does not DIE, it merely produces more leaves. On the other hand, a tree without leaves IS dead. Not dying: dead.

Contrary to popular belief, faith without works does not DIE. It is already DEAD and nothing can be done about that on the Human end of things. Living faith that proceeds from a regenerate heart always produces good works.

Greek grammar is very specific. If James had intended to say that faith without works slowly starts to die unless you crank your output back up to acceptable levels, then trust me, HE WOULD HAVE!

Faith without works is dead.


J. K. Jones said...

Thanks Steve and RK.

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