Hawking and God

I checked a copy of The Grand Design by Hawking and Mlodinow out of the library yesterday. After all of the fuss around the internet and in the media, I had to have a look. (See articles here, here, here, and here.

From what I have read on the subject so far, I have two basic questions for Hawking and his proponents.

You have said that something comes from nothing. The cat is out of the bag. You have finally admitted your position. This is a violation of the most fundamental law of science: “Out of nothing, nothing comes.” Positing that the universe follows certain laws does not help because those laws describe the way the universe behaves. How do you have laws to describe what does not exist?

What if we grant your argument? What if the universe came into being because it follows strict natural laws? Where did those laws come from? The best explanation for laws like that is design. The universe behaves in a predictable fashion because God designed it that way.

It seems Hawking is left with more questions unanswered than answered.


Steve Martin said...

I feel very sorry for that man.

He says that there is no God.

In his case, he is right. There will be no God for him. The only consolation that he will have is that he will not be alone.

J. K. Jones said...

Your right, Steve. He wil know The absence of God's favor unless he repents.

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