Almost Done With My MBA

I have one last class to go to earn my MBA from Union University, but this last class is very difficult. Hence, I have not posted much lately. It will be a few weeks before I post again.

Here are some links of interest:

A prayer of repentance I have had to pray allot lately can be found here. I have had some battles with some old habits I thought I had broken.

A long debate between a Muslim apologist and myself can be found here (Warning: It is a long debate.).

Justin Taylor posts some parables here that I had previously posted here. Nice to know I have good taste.

A friend of mine talks about his journey from atheism to Christianity here.

Norman Geisler comments on what it would be like to have loved ones in hell at this link.

A good reminder that some powerful truths can be contained in part of a verse at this link (when taken in context, of course).

Follow a link here to see John H. Gerstner remind us of the necessity of justification by faith alone for the individual as well as the church.

I will see you all soon.


Steve Martin said...

Hang in there, J.K..

All that hard work will pay off.

We're keeping you and your family in our prayers.

J. K. Jones said...

Thanks, Steve.

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