Do we help or hurt?

Steve Saint, of “End of The Spear” fame, has written a thought-provoking article for “Mission Frontiers” magazine this month that is found at this link. The article questions some approaches used to aid the “poor.”

Here is a section of the article:

Financial help that does not develop sustainable, local, financial self-sufficiency is much more likely to create poverty than it is to meet real needs. Until we realize that we can’t overcome poverty with handouts, we will never be much help in completing Christ’s Great Commission.

Can we do more damage by “helping” than by leaving alone?


Steve Martin said...

I think we can do more harm sometimes by making people dependent.

Lot's of factors, though.

J. K. Jones said...

There are lot's of factors.

It's not simple.

Anonymous said...

Yah its right there in the bible.

Jesus took those loaves and fishes and said, "Let them starve, if I helped it would just make them dependent."

J. K. Jones said...


Did you read the article?

It no where mentions not helping those who are starving or those who are without water. Those people obviously need our help.

But what if the people in question have food to eat, have water to drink, and have adequate shelter over their heads? Are those people poor just because they do not have cars and televisions?


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