Why You Should Become a Christian

This begins a series of posts, which is an adaptation of a series of articles written for a small town newspaper outlining reasons to begin the Christian life and remain in the Christian faith.  As such, it is written in a first-person, almost conversational style.  This series’ intention is to make you think.

People are Christians for a variety of reasons, humanly speaking.  Many of us were raised in a Christian home, by Christian parents. Many of us have attended church our entire lives.

Does this mean we are biased? Yes, but that does not mean we are wrong. The strength or weakness of an argument should be evaluated independent of the circumstances of the person or persons giving the argument.  Christians have good arguments.

We are intelligent, independent adults. We are not a ‘product of our raising.’  We are Christians by choice, and our religion is our own. God has changed our hearts to allow us to believe in Him against our natural inclinations.  Please allow me to share with you some reasons to believe, reasons which have led many to embrace the Christian faith.

I hope you will join me for a quick journey through this series.  If you do not agree in the end, you will have at least thought through some good arguments.  

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