The God-Man

Ligonier Ministry’s blog has a series of posts from John Gerstner on the divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ. You can find the first three here, here, and here.

The last post above contains great examples of Christ’s influence on the world. Here’s an excerpt from the summary:

We are fully aware that to attribute Godhood to any man is a colossal
affirmation. It borders on the incredible--the impossible. But when we consider
the impression of Christ's humanity, the great claims He made for Himself in the
most humble way, the unrestrained adoration and worship of those who knew Him,
the miracles associated with Him whose life was a "blaze of miracles," and the
constant recurring miracles of grace which have attended the heralding of His
name throughout the world, we propose that (if it is difficult to believe that a
man was also God) it is impossible to deny Christ's deity. It is difficult to
believe; it is impossible to doubt.

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