It is Okay to Pass This Test

Kevin DeYoung shares that we can “examine [ourselves] to see if we are in the faith” and conclude that we are. An excerpt:

The thing we often miss with 2 Corinthians 13:5 is that Paul expects the Corinthians to pass the test…So go ahead and encourage one another to examine the heart. Let’s be honest and see if we are in the faith. Let’s test whether or not Christ is in us. But as we put our “in-Christness” to the test let’s not forget it’s okay to give ourselves a passing grade. To God be the glory.


Steve Martin said...


Give ourselves a passing grade???

Isn't that what the Pharisee was doing in the temple, alongside the scumbag tax collector?

And which one went away justified?

I can tell you this much, I have failed in the stewardship of my humanity.

I need a Savior.
Thanks be to God for Jesus Christ who is that Savior!

J. K. Jones said...

So, Steve, what do we do with 2 Corinthians 13:5?

Steve Martin said...

We certainly don't look to our obedience, performance, good works, etc..

Us Lutheran types look to our baptism (where God acted for us), and to the promises of God.

We look... but at Christ.

And we don't read the Scriptures woodenly to get caught up in all that 'self evaluation' stuff. Those that engage in that stuff are barking up the wrong tree. There is only despair, or pride in that game.

We are the publican on the floor, beating our breats at our failures and asking God for mercy.

You've got all those links (your latest post) to folks talking about Luther and the Reformation. How about listening to a confessional Lutheran speak about Luther and the Reformation and what it means for us?

I think you'll find it worth the brief investment of your time.


Thanks, J.K..

J. K. Jones said...

Good sermon.

I agree that God justifies teh ungodly (NIV: the wicked) - Romans 4.

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