J. P. Moreland on Hawking and Mlodinow’s The Grand Design

J. P. Moreland quickly and concisely refutes Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow here. A taste:

The fact that many people have been influenced by the claims of Hawking and Mlodinow is sad to me. Here’s why. In previous times when average people knew more philosophy, these claims would simply be laughable…


Anonymous said...

"In previous times when average people knew more philosophy, "

Citation Needed.

Anonymous said...

Read some old books.


Anonymous said...

You fail.

It was asserted that in previous times people knew more philosophy. A cursory examination shows that statement to be false. "Previous times" seems to be a purposefully open ended statement, considering its apologetic source this is unsurprising. What time period is he talking about? 5 years, 10 years 50? a hundred? Are we to believe that college enrollment has decreased during that time? Are we to believe that human knowledge has decreased since that time?

J. K. Jones said...

What do you do with the substance of Moreland's post: that Hawking is not a good philosopher?

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