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This is my 401st post at Fear and Trembling. I wanted to give links to some significant posts and some brief thoughts on the blog.

Links to the most popular posts since I installed Google Analytics in late March of 2007:

Some quotes from the Koran.

A disturbing set of quotes from George W. Bush.

A post on the theology of N. T. Wright.

A post on Paley’s teleological argument (argument from design for God’s existence) with links to more resources.

A post on a hymn-writer who suffered from major depression for most of his life, even as a Christian.

A search label of a series of posts I did on why I am a Christian as opposed to other faiths or worldviews.

Some posts I wish people would visit more often:

A post on why we need salvation and why we cannot provide it for ourselves.

My slightly irreverent personal testimony (somewhat ‘tongue in cheek’).

A post on faith and good works.

A search label that gives succinct reasons to accept God’s Existence.

A post that gives a self-serving motivation for missionary activity in the modern world.

My first post on 3/7/2007:

Rob Bell and the gospel.

The blog has changed names twice since inception. It was first “Fear and Trembling: A Baptist Layman Looks At Life.” Then it became “Fear and Trembling: A Presbyterian Layman Looks at Life” when I changed denominations from SBC to PCA. Then I shortened it to just “Fear and Trembling.” This was an effort to shorten the name so Networked Blogs on Facebook would pick up more words from my posts.

Some statistics:

10,973 unique visits. (Analytics kicks out the visits from people who transfer from one blog page to another within the blog for this metric.)

17,634 pageviews. (Yes, my ‘bounce rate’ is often quite high. Hopefully it is from people who have me on feed readers. I may never know.)

Over 830 comments.  (Many from me.)

1:34 average time on site. (I don’t have much time to make a good first impression. Quite a few visits are much longer.)

Visits from 111 countries.

Visits from all 50 U. S. states and two U. S. territories.

I have enjoyed my time blogging and especially those people who have stopped by to leave comments. Those who agree with me have affirmed my efforts. Those that disagree with me have taught me something; I learn from arguments.

I am well-aware that my style of writing is gleaned for the most part from college and professional experience in technical writing. It is almost mechanical. I am, after all, an engineer. I am also well aware that my choice of topics is leaned toward philosophy and hard-core theology. Therefore, this blog is not for everybody.

Here’s to more posts! I plan to keep it up until I get no more hits.

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Steve Martin said...

Congratulations, J.K.!

That's a lot of posts!

May you have 4,000 more!

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