God Has Spoken, Series Introduction

I have come across a review copy of a Bible study.  It was offered to me in return for a quick review of the material.  However, after looking at the study, I have concluded that one review would not quite do the series justice, so this is the first of a short series of posts on the material.  I am impressed with the materials in this series of lessons.

“He Has Spoken: The Worldview of Scripture” is a delightful study published by The Colson Center (A short summary of the study can be found here.).  The DVD-based study presents five video presentations presented by John Stonestreet.   The DVD also includes five discussions between Stonestreet and T. M. Moore on the materials.  There is an accompanying study guide written by Moore.  The basic idea is to use the study in a group format by working through the study guide individually, presenting the video lectures, discussing selected questions from the study guide, and then viewing the discussion between Stonestreet and Moore as a ‘wrap up.’

John Stonestreet is the co-host of BreakPoint radio and several other radio programs.  He is also a sought-after conference speaker

T. M. Moore has an impressive background.  He is currently dean of the Centurions Program. He served as President of Chesapeake Theological Seminary in Baltimore for nearly thirteen years.  Moore’s books include titles published by P & R

Please join me over the next several posts in this series as we journey through the ideas presented in “He Has Spoken” together.

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