Final Thoughts on “He Has Spoken”

This is part seven of a multi-part series on “He Has Spoken,” a study published by The Colson Center.  This post discusses my final impressions of the lecture and discussion series.

The format of the study makes it a great conversation starter for small groups.  The lecture by John Stonestreet kicks of the discussion and the accompanying discussion between T. M. Moore and Stonestreet makes the lecture more personable.  Small group leaders will find much to discuss.

These are great conversation starters, but not great conversation enders.  Group leaders who use the material will want to be well-versed in the topics and able to answer questions and guide discussion.  (This is true of any study which follows this format.)   The series inspires study beyond a few minutes of lecture and discussion, and group leaders should present recommended resources to encourage that study  (see www.str.org).

There is no more important topic than this one in our society.  We must both understand and defend the purpose, truth, clarity, attitude toward, and sufficiency of the Bible to change our culture for the better.   All of these topics are introduced and discussed as a part of “He Has Spoken.”

Within the limits already stated, I wholeheartedly recommend this study.  I pray that God would us it to lead many into a deeper appreciation for and knowledge of the Bible.

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