Bible Reading in 2011 and Operation World

Reading through the Bible is a great way to learn more about the Christian faith. I used the One Year Bible to read it through in 2010, and it was unforgettable and humbling.

I have explored several Bible Reading plans for 2011. Some of the more intriguing printable pdf file plans are here, here, here, here, here, and here. An interactive approach to developing your own plan is here.  I dare you to pick one and try it.

One simple checklist that allows for reading at your own pace and in the place you want to start is here. I think that is going to be my approach this year.

The reason for the truncated Bible reading plan is that I am going to follow David Platt’s suggestion in Radical. I am going to pray through the newly published Seventh Edition of Operation World.

Operation World is basically a book of prayer requests that cover missions in the whole world, country by country. I used the Fifth Edition for a while, and I miss the prayerful interaction with global concerns. Try it yourself. You might like it as much as me.

And Happy New Year!

[1/3/11: Two great posts on Bible reading plans are here and here.]


RkBall said...

I used the One Year Bible to read it through in 2011,

You are clearly a prophet!

J. K. Jones said...

Thanks RkBall.

You might try "Operation Wrold" this year. It would be a blessing.

And if I am a prophet, then I am a very flawed one ;-)

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