An Evangelical Hypocrite

Josh Harris cites the following poem:

Of all hypocrites, grant that I may not be an evangelical hypocrite,

who sins more safely because grace abounds,

who tells his lusts that Christ's blood cleanseth them,

who reasons that God cannot cast him into hell,

for he is saved, who loves evangelical preaching, churches,

Christians, but lives unholily.

A Puritan prayer from the book Valley of Vision.

The thing is, if I am honest, I am exactly that kind of hypocrite. Only the perfect Christian could be immune to the charge, and, alas, I am not him.

I look to Christ to save me.  He's my only hope.


Steve Martin said...

We know that we are all sinners and that we are in bondage to sin.

We want to run our own show. We want to be our own gods.

God knows this, too. And yet He still loves us and still forgives us.

'Simul ustes et peccator'. A hallmark of the Reformation. At the same time fully sinful...and at the same time fully justified.

I guess there will always be those that abuse their freedom (us), but the Lord has promised to finish the good work in us that He began.

Yes..."He is our only hope."

J. K. Jones said...

Amen, Steve.

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