God and Politics

R. C. Sproul has this to say to us as we approach politics:

Yes, we must always work for social reform. Yes, we must be “profane’ in Martin Luther’s sense of going out of the temple and into the world. We do not despise the country of our birth. But in what do we invest our hope? The state is not God. The nation is not the Promised Land. The president is not our King. The Congress is not our Savior. Our welfare can never be found in the city of man. The federal government is not sovereign.

Read the whole thing for R. C.’s take on America’s future.

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Steve Martin said...

He's right. We do not put our hope in the princes of this world (something my pastor reminds us of on a regular basis). But in Christ alone.

Should Chrtistians be active in politics? YES! But not in the pulpit. That ought be reserved for something far greater. And the time there is too precious to waste on politics while there may be people there who will be dead bu the next week and who absolutely need to hear God's promises.

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