Christ The Hero

There are many pastors and teachers I could look up to as heros. I have benefited greatly from their ministries. To list a few:

John Piper

R. C. Sproul

Al Mohler

Norman Geisler

Michael S. Horton

and Rod Rosenbladt.

This is good. I have learned a lot from these men, especially Dr. Sproul. (I’ve heard and read so much of his teaching that there is a certain sense that even when I am disagreeing with him it is him I am disagreeing with.)

This is also bad. I could easily get to the point where I put them on a pedestal. I could begin to take what they say as authoritative in am inappropriate sense. (No man, no matter how smart or gifted, should get an implicit faith.) I could fail to check what they say against the Scriptures. I could fail to see their imperfections and shortcomings.

Al of this could be dangerous to my Christian life. If carried to far, hero worship can even ship-wreck a person’s faith. The moral failure of a pastor I had idealized as a youth was almost the undoing of me. The errors taught by these men could also become my errors.

I hope we never loose sight of the true hero, Jesus Christ. He is the faithful one. He is the one who earns our salvation. He is the only one worthy of our worship.

My “heros” would want nothing less.

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