Nine Reasons Why Christianity is The Only True Religion, Part 1

I had promised a series of posts on this subject earlier. I have modified the outline somewhat.

This is the first of a series of posts outlining the reasons I have chosen to remain within the faith of my childhood. I was raised in a Christian home, by Christian parents. With the exception of several years in college, I have attended church my entire life.

Does this mean I am biased? Yes, but that does not mean I am wrong. The strength or weakness of an argument should be evaluated independent of the circumstances of the person giving the argument.

I am an intelligent, independent adult. I am not now a “product of my raising.” I am a Christian by choice, and my religion is my own. I have come to believe that God has changed my heart to allow me to believe in Him against my natural inclinations. I like the way Cornelius Van Till addresses those concerns here.

Here is a revised outline:

1. God is who He is.
2. He has done what He has done.
3. He makes possible logic, rational thought, and science.
4. Jesus is the best teacher and example.
5. Christianity explains the presence of evil.
6. It gives a certain promise of heaven.
7. It changes the world for the better.
8. It leads to joy.
9. It has changed my life.

The next post will be made soon.


Steve said...

How does your list differ from that of a Mormon would state?

I would state that Christianity is only religion that clearly states that man in completely incapitable in contributing anything to his salvation. It is only what God has done for us throught Christ's suffering, death, resurrection and assention can we be saved. We are all dead to God and it is God how gives us life and the ability to believe.

J. K. Jones said...


Good to hear from you. This is where I started in my own journey to make my faith my own. It is not where I finished. You might follow a few of the embedded links in the post above.

There will be much in Part 4 that a Mormon could not affirm (a Muslim, a Jehovah’s Witness or a Jew either for that matter).

You might want to check these two posts:



J. K.

Sam said...


A good read. I hope you don't mind but I think I will steal your 9 topics and do my own if not opposite analysis of them. I tried to leave this not yesterday I will make sure it sticks this time :)


J. K. Jones said...


thanks for leaving the comment to tell me of your upcoming posts.

I wonder what happened yesterday?


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