Piper Sermon on Justification

I found a great sermon on justification by John Piper over at Desiring God. He takes a clear statement of Jesus on how a person is justified before God and expounds on it beautifully. It was great to be reminded that Jesus Himself taught on this subject in Luke 18:9-14. I keep finding people on the web who want me to think that only Paul taught justification by faith (see those sites or references to these people here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). The idea that Paul and Jesus contradict each other is wrong.

Even if they were right, they have in a sense excluded Paul’s writings from consideration. These are among the earliest writings of the New Testament. Paul was a contemporary of, and even personally acquainted with, the other Apostles, and he would have shared their common theology and approach.

It seems that many people, from many perspectives, want to showcase their own moral achievements instead of embracing a gospel that is outside of them.


L P Cruz said...

Dear JK,

The Lutheran hermeneutic of Law/Gospel will show that Jesus and Paul preached the same thing - Justification by Faith Alone or Sola Gratia. This was the method of the Fathers like Ambrose.

Law & Gospel has been always a core doctrine of the Lutherans for the last 500 years which was the method of the Christians from 0-600AD.


J. K. Jones said...

The law / gospel hermeneutic certainly does explain that. I would claim that method of interpretation as a Baptist as well, but I freely admit that I do not understand it yet. I seem to recall that Luther said once you understand the law /. Gospel distinction, you should be given your doctor’s in theology immediately, and I have certainly not earned my doctor’s, or even my bachelor’s for that matter.

I am working on a series on the traditional arguments and the failures of some of their formulations. I am trying out some of it over at http://thatatheistguysblog.blogspot.com/
if you are interested.

L P Cruz said...

Dear JK,

I am forced to write some reasons why I demure from Dr. Piper due to a blog interaction I had in another puritan blog and I hope you do not take offense of my up coming post.


J. K. Jones said...

I'll read your post with interest.

The pursuit of truth in a Christian context is not to be taken personally.

J. K.

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