Lima, Part 3

As with the last few posts, I am still in Lima, Peru, with an Operation Christmas Child (OCC)team. I had a wonderful opportunity today as we passed out shoeboxes.

A pastor had asked someone from our group to share with the children how the boxes came to them from America. This is the substance of what I said:

Good afternoon. My name is Juan. This is how a box comes to you.

A family buys gifts. They do their best to buy gifts and toys that will make you happy. They want to show Christ's love.

They bring their gifts to our church in the U. S. A truck carries them from our church to a place where they are cared for. A boat carries them to your country. And Christ's church gives them to you.

We give the boxes to show the love of Christ. We want you to know the love of God, the Friendship of Jesus Christ in your hearts, and the power of the Holy Spirit in your lives.

Thank you for the opportunity to give to you.

I didn't say anything that profound, but I was overwhelmed by the opportunity to speak on behalf of so many people. It took a mountain of volunteers to get a box from the U. S. to Peru.

In this country, since 2003, over 369,900 boxes have been delivered to children. Nearly 1,000 organizations and churches in Peru have been involved and helped by OCC. Over 13,500 Peruvian children have been through a Bible teaching and discipleship program to guide them into a strong Christian life.

There is so much more to do. There are over 27,925,000 people in Peru, with 7.5 million in Lima. Many of these beautiful, wonderful people are children.

God bless the children. God bless those who give to them.

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