Check out a pointed post on Hamas from a guy who lives in Israel.

He is an America, married to an “Arab girl,” and his opinion is worthy of respect. He has half a chance of being unbiased.


steve martin said...

Great post!

I believe it to be the truth.


dc-agape said...

Your author is completely not unbiased. He cannot see that the Israel gov’t is completely responsible for the reckless waste of innocent life, on both sides of the fence. The people of Gaza have been under horrific living conditions since the UN created Israel in the first place. The people of Gaza deserve the right to live among free people, instead of being kept prisoners in their own country. Hamas is retaliating for the decades of unjust treatment that the people of Gaza have been forced to accept. Any person with an ounce of sympathy would recognize that state and the people of Israel are not the victim. Israel has the stronger weapons, and Israel has the power of the gov’t to control and violate the lives of the Palestinians.

Can you imagine the US doing this? Maybe to the Japanese or the Germans…oops I almost forgot we did put them in concentration camps. The treatment of the Palestinians by the Israeli gov’t is truly an act against humanity itself!

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