Some Posts of Note, Along with Where I've Been for a Week or So

I have been spending more time commenting on other blogs that posting on my own lately. Here are a few things I have found in other places that have caught my interest.

Between Two Worlds gives links to interviews and commentary on N. T. Wright’s response to John Piper. We also find brief commentary, and an interesting discussion in the comments.

In a newsletter, Lee Strobel notes reasons not to give up on evangelism when we become discouraged. Also, the site announces Lee Strobel’s upcoming blog.

Apologetics 315 gives links to Rev. Todd Wilken’s review of The Shack. This is a very level-headed review.

Extra Nos gives a link to a Utube video in which Richard Dawkins attributes the appearance of complexity and design in the world to “luck” and a system that makes the “luck” hold out.

Why did I run out of time to carefully comment on the above? Long comments I typed for other blogs.

I engaged in a running argument with numerous atheists over at Unreasonable Faith. I thought I did pretty good considering I was greatly outnumbered and hence lost track of some of the discussion. I also gave myself a pretty good case of carpal tunnel syndrome. It gets really lonely really quickly on this blog, and I wish other Christians would join me there.

Out of curiosity, what do you think of the cosmological argument? It was the subject of much of the argument at Unreasonable Faith.


JC Lamont said...

Hey -- don't give up. There are Christians out there, though at times they do seem hard to find. I too tend to gravitate or be drawn to Atheist blogs and such (which is where I found you).

You gotta do what I just started doing, and that is search out other Christian blogs -- find them, leave a comment, and hope they link back to you.

If we keep only hanging out at atheist sites, we're taking in so much poisen, that yea, we need to refuel. That's what I've discovered, anyway.

J. K. Jones said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

Hope to see you around more!

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