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I have a new addiction. I am looking for a Twelve Step program, but it appears I may have to start one of my own. I got an iPhone 3G for Christmas (Thanks to several family members for giving me the money to do this!).

The phone does almost everything I can think of doing in terms of internet access. The programs used to run the various functions on the iPhone are called “applications.” Some are installed on the phone when you get it, but some must be purchased. There’s an application for my Google Account, an application for Facebook, a great e-mail access application, and many more.

One of the applications that I am growing to love is a maps function that uses the iPhone's GPS to locate your current location and then give directions to your destination address.

I purchased the ESV Study Bible (ESVSB) from Olive Tree for my iPhone last week. The ESVSB is the best study Bible I have owned to date. Every question on the text that I have had so far has been answered in the voluminous study notes, and I’ve had many questions.

My biggest complaint about the ESV Study Bible is its weight. It’s hard to carry to work. That is no longer a concern because the ESVSB is now no heavier than my iPhone. Some of the tables and graphs are abmittedly hard to read due to the compressed font size, but I have reasonably good eyesight anyway.

I hope that you will pray for me that I do not “hit bottom” in my new addiction. Maybe it’s a safe one anyway.

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JC Lamont said...

I too have a phone that now allows me to check my email wherever I may be.

Very addictive.

But fun too.

Way cool about the Bible!

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