On Being and Non-being

My friend LP over at Extra Nos has a great post on one form of the cosmological argument for God's existence. He lays it out quickly, carefully, and winsomely.


L P Cruz said...

Thanks for this JK.

You know I roam around academia, and I am so intrigued that folk can simply accept that the universe just sprouted as a quirk of chance.

It kinda shocks me that such intellectual stance is intellectual suicide and they do not blink when they commit it.


steve martin said...

It is suprising in a way...and then again...not really.

We know where the world is headed.

St. Paul told us about how they would claim to be wise.

Poor fools. Speak the Word and then move on. There's plenty of work to do and a big harvest out there.

J. K. Jones said...

Thanks for the comments.

Steve, we should cast down every argument...

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