Am I a Christian just because I was raised that way?

I have recently shared much of my experience growing up in an evangelical church. I had many experiences, both good and bad, but by and large the experience was positive. I was raised Christian, and I am Christian today.

Does this mean I am biased? Yes, but that does not mean I am wrong. The strength or weakness of an argument should be evaluated independent of the circumstances of the person giving the argument.

Besides, we are all biased in some way or another, if we are honest with ourselves. The accusation that “you believe only because of your circumstances” goes both ways. After all, we all have faced and are facing circumstances that shape our views.

I am an intelligent adult. I am not now a “product of my raising.” I am a Christian by choice, and my religion is my own. I like the way Cornelius Van Till addresses concerns on bias here.

I urge you to review the arguments I give critically on their own merits. Let them stand for themselves.

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