Read the Bible in 2010

Justin Taylor has done a fabulous job of compiling numerous Bible Reading plans here and here. I hope you will take advantage of these as we ring in the new year.

I recommend the M’Cheyne plan as I have used it before. I found it to be extremely helpful.

I cannot decide for certain which plan to use this year. I make take my time. I may just read a chapter a day from the Old Testament and a chapter a day from the New Testament in the Reformation Study Bible, including all of the notes. Should help me “dive deeper.”

Happy New Year!!


Steve Newell said...

Is the "Reformantion Study Bible" truely Reformation (Lutheran) or Reformed (Calvinism)? The Lutheran Study Bible is the new study bible from Concordia Publishing House, which is the publishing arm of the Lutheran Chruch - Missouri Synod and it is based completely on Reformation Theology, which is based on the Book of Concord and the Lutheran Confessions.

I'm not trying to be difficult but there are important differences between Reformed and Reformation.

J. K. Jones said...

More reformed than Lutheran.

I will have a copy of the new Lutheran Study Bible ASAP. I already have the Concordia Study Bible.

J&J said...

Your blog is very edifying.

Steve Newell said...


I have been using the new LSB for about 2 months now and the foot notes are incredible. There is a strong Law & Gospel aspect to the notes as well as good referencing to bible versions about the Holy Trinity. I had been using the Concordia Self-Study Bible for about 20 years and I find that I like the ESV better than the NIV, with a few exceptions.

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