R. C. Sproul Weights in on the Manhattan Declaration

[For background, see here.]

Here’s an excerpt from Sproul’s comments:

The Manhattan Declaration confuses common grace and special grace by combining them. While I would march with the bishop of Rome and an Orthodox prelate to resist the slaughter of innocents in the womb, I could never ground that cobelligerency on the assumption that we share a common faith and a unified understanding of the gospel.


L P said...


Did RC sign it? I am happy to sign it myself?


J. K. Jones said...

He did not. Too mich like ETC for him.

What was your take?

L P said...

Dear JK,

This document is a mixture of what we call left /right hand kingdom. If viewed as a left hand kingdom document (Law), as I believe it is just airing natural law, then I will sign it.

In fact, I would sign it if it were completely void of religious language or preamble. I will sign it because it becomes a statement of natural law.


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