The Gospel Is for the Broken by Rod Rosenbladt

Follow this link to a great statement of the gospel for those of us who struggle with sin.  Here's an excerpt:

When the major stress in pulpit and curriculum shifts from "Christ outside of me, dying for me" to "Christ inside of me, improving me," the upshot is always the same: many broken, sad ex-Christians who despair of being able to live the Christian life as the Bible describes it. So they do what is really a sane thing to do -- they leave. The way it looks to them is that "the message of Christianity has broken them on the rack." To put it bluntly, it feels better to have some earthly happiness as a pagan and then be damned than it feels to be trying every day as a Christian to do something that is one continuous failure -- and then be damned anyway...What the "sad alumni" need to hear (perhaps for the first time) is that Christian failures are going to walk into heaven, be welcomed into heaven, leap into heaven like a calf leaping out of its stall, laughing and laughing as if it's all too good to be true.
Rosenbladt then offers hope in the Gospel of Christ.


Steve Martin said...


It's not the wordt that we do that ought to worry us.

The best that we do is not good enough, either.

But His best was, and is good enough.

In Him we are perfect and righteous. Fir He declares that we are.

And that's enough.

Thanks, J.K.!

Steve Martin said...

That ought read 'worst' (not wordt)

What a moroon.

J&J said...

We do not once "repent" but we continue to repent.

C H said...

"So they do what is really a sane thing to do -- they leave."

Yet you somehow want to then drag them back into a self-destructive, self-hating belief system. Like some kind of obscene depiction of battered wife syndrome, he'll stop hitting, and you will be worthy of love when you finally die.

J. K. Jones said...

Thanks Steve and J&J.

CH, God wasn't the one doing the hitting. People who mis-represented God were doing the hitting.

C H said...

Kind of like Nazism wasn't responsible for megadeaths? It was all the soldiers fault.

El Sid said...
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J. K. Jones said...

Cussin on my blog will get your comments deleted.

El Sid said...

Oh golly gee mister I'm so sorry that my use of the English language was too adult for your infantile comprehension. Perhaps I should have said "Darn", "Dang", "Dash", "Dern", "Durn", "Blast" or many other euphemisms for that word that you seem to be so afraid. But then being euphemisms they mean the same thing as the original word. You're going to have to censor this posting also.

Anyway thanks CH for pointing me to this site filled with circular logic. I especially like the part where he jumped right to the "No True Scottsman" defense. This place seems ripe for the kinds of examples we need.

Hilarious, the word I have to type in to post this through the site is gloddarn! Another word to cause poor J.K. a conniption fit.

J. K. Jones said...

Do you all have blogs of your own where you express your own opinion and arguments? That would seem to be much more mature than coming to my blog to make insulting comments.

J. K. Jones said...

I have little respect for posters who are not willing to expose themselves to criticism.

Steve Martin said...

El Sid,

It's J.K.'s blog.

If he doesn't wasnt curse words used on it, that ought be his right and it ought be respected.

I don't want people cursing on my blog either. Not that I have never used those words, but in a semi-public forum, many of us deen it inappropriate.

L P said...

Firstly, a sure sign of a person with no argument is when the person results to cussin.

It is simply bad form.

"Yet you somehow want to then drag them back into a self-destructive, self-hating belief system"

I wonder which belief system is that? It certainly isn't Christianity as I know it.


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