Can Muslims become Christians?

I am trouble by the attitude that many members of my church have toward Muslims. Many have the notion that it is impossible to convert a Muslim to the Christian faith. I would like to share some links to converts who give the lie to that notion.

Here are some links to Christian converts from Islam. Note that some of them use false names because they fear for their lives.

Abdul Saleeb (See here, here, here and here.)

Sam Solomon (See his papers here and his story here and here.)

Ergun Caner (See here, here and here.)

Lastly, Christ converted me. He delivered me from trying to earn my own way into heaven, and He overwhelmed me with His wonderful grace. If he can save an America, nominal-Christian like me, He can save anyone.

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steve martin said...

If I can become a Christian...anyone can!


- Steve Martin San Clemente, CA

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