Jay Smith vs. Islam

Christianity Today ran a great article for their June edition on an apologist named Jay Smith (The short internet version is here.). This article gives us a glimpse into the life a very direct, confrontational person who confronts Muslims with the grace of Jesus Christ. I don’t know much about Smith yet, but I will learn more. I appreciate direct communication. Not all aspects of the Christian message are positive.

Here’s a part of the CT online article.

Smith calls on Christians to match the passion of Muslims. "I was never commissioned to go and die," Smith says. "Most people ask me, 'Aren't you scared for your health? Aren't you scared you're going to be killed?'

"So what? Yes, probably I will be killed. I told my wife I'll probably die before
she does. If I were to die, there would be 10 or 20 people to take my place willingly."

Smith has several You Tube videos, and you can find a sample here.


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